Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Contrary to some folk's opinion ......

... I din't take yesterday off to celebrate my 100,000th visitor on Monday -- I spent it in different doctor's waiting rooms... You've been there - done that!

A whole lot of news in the last 36 hours..... most of it just like the 36 hours before that and the 36 hours before that -- but hey - it's news today ... I'll get to that! 

By the way - are you aware that today is Earth Day -- the day set aside each year to encourage us washed people to think about turning off the shower and joining the great crowds of unwashed folks as they congratulate each other on saving mother earth by not taking showers ... or something.   

It's also a good day to remember one of the self professed founders of Earth Day back in 1970. One Ira Einhorn (one horn in German) who called hisself The Unicorn.  Yep, this 60's, tie-dyed hippie who cheered for the Viet Cong, saved the earth and murdered his girlfriend was the hero of the earth first movement. They found her body by the way, 18 months after he killed her - mummified in their apartment closet!

But you won't here much from the Greenies about their hero - probably not a single soulful editorial about what a great man he was.  I wonder why?

Today's left leaning hippies in 3 button suits seem to carry on his memory though - I see where they celebrated Earth Day in DC the other day and trashed the Washington Mall.. in his show of support for saving the planet, Obamanation jumped on fossil fuel burning Air Force One and flew to Florida read a short speech somebody had loaded in his TOTUS (Teleprompter Of The United States) and flew back to DC... 

And so it goes...  

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