Friday, March 27, 2015

What manner of man..............?

What manner of man has the American voters seated in the Oval Office? Obviously not the simply incompetent, inexperienced, oversold, Chicagoland community organizer that they thought they were?

You've seen this mornings headlines:
1. Obama declassifies Top Secret Israeli nuclear plans and policies,
2. Obama folds to demands of Iran - they keep centrifuges and bomb proof bunkers.
3. Obama heads to Florida to play golf while Moochelle Antoinette jets around far East on yet another vaycay at taxpayers expense.

I'm not going to repeat the underlying stories - you'll either read them or you wont - but I will ask a question:

With twenty-two months left in the White House, whoever is pulling the strings on this pompous puppet can do a lot more damage -- who is to cut the strings? And more important -- what else is on the hidden agenda?

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