Friday, March 13, 2015

What goes around........

Obamanation used to like to say, "Elections have consequences!"  Of course after this last Congressional election, he turned that around and said he represents those voters who didn't turn out or something... 

Any way - he's a little miffed now that some of his other actions have come back to bite him in the butt....  apparently China is leading an effort to establish a $50 Billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  So what you say?

Well, some in DC see it as a rival for the World Bank that the US has led for years. And now, it has been announced, that the United Kingdom has decided to become a founding member of that new bank!

The Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Office is totally upset - feels betrayed by Great Britain and it's "constant accommodation" of China.  Lemme see now:
- Obama threw Churchill's bust into the trash
- Obama stiffed (ignored) Maggie Thatcher's funeral
- Obama has turned on our oldest ally in the Middle East - Israel
- Obama has rebuffed chances to work with many of our old allies - the Non-Muslim ones of course.
- And the list goes on ..

And yet this petulant metrosexual empty-suit in the Oval Office dares to get indignant when some of our former BFF (best friends forever) seek to tighten some other friendships to enhance their financial and national security? 

Give me a break! If I were a long time ally of this country,  and seeing the actions of this administration, I'd sure want an anchor or two thrown out to hold onto in the next stormy sea!!
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