Saturday, March 14, 2015

On being offended....

It seems to me that someone is making a lot of money by selling "I am offended" franchises.  Just like Algorebot got rich selling faux carbon footprints from the door of his gas burning jet airplanes and SUVs'... somebody is getting rich selling "I am offended" rights...

I am told that about 3% of the nation's population is gay - but I hear folks, groups, and such being offended on a daily basis because they feel offended. The reason for their feelings of being offended? Because the other 97% of straight folks don't stand up and salute every time they wave their rainbow flags and show their collective asses!

I hear the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons being offended because a police force or a college class may not measure up to the exact same race percentage numbers of the general population.  But I never hear them complain that the NFL and NBA are far disproportionally full of Black millionaires in the same comparison. 

I hear liberal politicians that are offended because some folks work hard, invest their money, live within their means and become wealthy. I don't hear them complain about the Great Society laws that they imposed that keeps the others in poverty, generation after generation. 

And finally, I hear great scream of being offended from folks who cross our borders illegally, suck our system dry of hospital services, welfare monies, food stamps. But I never hear them say 'Thank You" or "May I?"

Strange times we live in --

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