Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I shoulda' known . (about that new Teddy Kennedy headstone in Boston....

The last couple of days, as i have watched the elites of the ruling class pay tribute to this fat philanderer and coward - and especially that senate chamber copycat erected in Boston - I thought to myself..... at least it was built with private money, from rich liberal donors...His brother's monument next door was...

WRONGO BONGO!! This EMK headstone (which charges adult vistors $16 bucks a pop to visit -- received $5,800,000 from the Dept of Labor [?] plus $13,600,000 from the Dept of Education [?] and figger this one out - $18,900 tax dollars from the Dept of Defense budget!!!!

This doesn't include the paltry $5.000,000 Massachusetts tax bucks and fortunately then Senator John Heinze-Kerry was (as usual) unsuccessful in earmarking another $28,900,000 tax bucks back in 2010!

I see no comment regarding how much the family of Mary Jo Kopechne donated to this edifice!!!

All of which proves one more time , when it's our tax money -- nobody gives a rat's patoot how it's spent... I wonder how deep the Sec of Defense, Obamanation or the Senators dug in their own pockets to donate?
Nah, I struck out that last sentence, I don't really wonder, I think I know!!

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