Thursday, March 19, 2015

Disappointment continues ---

I am never disappointed by the Dims and their lot, they are consistent, they are tough and they are against all things that made America great.  I don't agree with them, but I know where they stand...
Liz Mair, world's record holder
 for short time on the job.....

Now then, the Republicans are another kettle of fish!  Every time I think I am going to pull a rich speckled trout, or salmon fillet out of the pot - I end up with a hand full of fish caca instead. 

They promised to stand firm on immigration --- then after they received a Standing Ovation from the voters, they reached down and grabbed their ankles. They were given a Majority position in the Senate - but continue to let Dingy Harry run the joint.

Their majority in the House was expanded -- they re-elected John Boneless as Speaker and and Pelosi is playing him like an accordion - a squeeze here - a squeeze there and he just makes weepy creepy sounds.

Then I look to the 2016 race -- I see knights in shining armor riding to the rescue. Chiefly among them, young Scott Walker - slayer of unions, cruncher of budgets...   and then this week, his brand new super star political advisor, Liz Mair, who sat in her new office on Monday, resigned under pressure on Wednesday because some Dim Oppo dirt diggers flashed a couple of her Tweets to the inside GOP hacks in Iowa. These establishment flacks didn't like her earlier tweets hinting that perhaps the Iowa caucuses didn't really measure up to sliced bread or canned beer as best thing since, and they started beating up on Walker. 

So the Gob'nor ain't even announced yet and he has already flipp-flopped on immigration, corn subsidies, and now --- even his own staff... this does not bode well for us and USA! 

Is there no backbone left in this country on the Right -- or have our politicians just decided that Slinky's are their favorite toy - not GI Joe!! Is that shining armor just a burnished rust and that white stallion just a unicorn with the horn cut off at the nub?

Just wondering......

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