Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Big 'OOOOPS" here!!!

Do you reckon this slip might be part of the reason why the current administration of draft dodgers and no-military need apply - fails so miserably when caring for our Veterans in this country?  

From the White House Blog yesterday morning......

“On Friday, President Obama traveled to Phoenix, AZ to visit the Phoenix VA medical facility and to participate in a round table discussion with the Veterans Administration Secretary Bob McDonald, Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson, and veterans to hear about the progress we’ve made to improve the VA’s ability to serve our veterans.”

Hello! Earth to White House... The Veteran's Administration was renamed the Department of Veterans Affairs back in 1989! Over twenty-five years ago!

I wonder if they'll invite the Secretary of the War Department to sit in? Let's see now, that would be Secretary Ken Royall, whose term in office expired under President Truman in 1947!!!!

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