Monday, March 30, 2015

April Fools Day Prank? (or Monday morning dreaming)

I got to thinking about ways to improve our USA and it's gob'mint overnight - and in a typical flash of Pecozbill Brilliance (or insanity) the following occurred to me:

Even my Grandma used to admonish me to never put all my eggs in one basket --  and I have commented in here several times about the fact that the Fifty States have still not designed and approved any organized replacement for those 535 congressmen and senators we send to Washington - in the event of some catastrophe (or terrorist event) in this 21st Century.  That's bad enough...

But then my mind wandered (again) and it also occurred to me that in this day and age of computer communications, Internet meetings, and even work from home -- that perhaps it's time to break up that clique of Ruling Class federal employees in DC and scatter 'em around the country. They can still meet, greet, cuss and discuss...  Nowhere does it say they all have to live and work in the District of Columbia and encourage their incestuous, revolving door ways. 

For example - let's move the Bureau of Land Management to a city in Utah... the Treasury Department to Denver, the Department of Veteran's Affairs to Fort Bliss Texas,  Education to Cleveland, Energy to Houston or Dallas, Health to Atlanta, Dept of Interior to Anchorage..........

You get the picture -- Pick up these departments and move them across the country to the many States and Cities where they can rub shoulders with those folks they serve. Not just with other career elites. 

Oh yes, and no small thing - we seem to have a penchant for paying special housing allowances to live in expensive areas - so let's benchmark their annual pay and allowances to those amounts that folks in their newly adopted cities get for the same type positions. Think of the tax dollars we would save. 

And as for those Cabinet meetings..... which Kennedy, Clinton et al, thought were a total waste of time.... Clinton only held 24 Cabinet meetings in 8 years and one of those was his Monica Lewinsky apology meeting.

Bush 43 held more, mostly to get his perspective across the board...  and of course the Community Organizer now occupying the Oval Orifice has conducted only 21 in more than six years --- apparently the conflict with his tee times or fund raising events..    

So they are no cause for concentrating all those department secretaries and their thousands of employees in the District!  

There you have it!  I may get back to you on this -- but it makes a hell of a lot of sense in this century to me! Got a suggested locale for one or more of the Departments --- share it in the comment section below! 
How about Transportation in St Louis -- that's about the center of our universe, isn't it?

Oh - can we put the Department of Homeland Security either in El Paso Texas or in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County in Arizona?  Please? 

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