Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Would China's arming Hawaiian independent activists be existential to Susan Rice?

The unknowing leading
the knows less
As I read Bill Girtz's column in the Free Beacon on line yesterday .... and he writes of China's threats to offer arms and assistance to those folks in Hawaii who are speaking out for breaking away from the USA ...... I had to wonder if Susan Rice, that world renown foreign policy wonk and military planning genius (remember her explanations for the Benghazi fiasco) would think that.....

If China actually did offer RPG's, SAM's and other defensive weapons to those Hawaiians, she would continue her recent rants that the 'U.S. is not facing existential threats around the globe'

The Chinese of course, take umbrage with the USA for offering defense weapons to Taiwan - and see this Hawaiian adventure as pay back time. The fact that they have overtaken the US as the numero uno economy on the globe hasn't missed their attention. 

It hasn't happened yet of course ..... I recall the Japanese tried to buy Hawaii, one building at a time 30 years ago..... and have now retrenched. And Americans bought them all back at 50¢ on the dollar. 

But this is a whole new kettle of fish heads -- and hopefully somebody in Washington has more brains than Oz's Scarecrow and is keeping their beady eye on things in the Pacific! 

There might be no end to this foolishness... who will arm the Conservatives of Northern California that want to break away from Pelosi's San Francisco freaks and weirdos?  Or rural Colorado conservatives who want to break away from the Blue city of Boulder....    Western New Yorkers from eastern Albany and NY City liberals? 

My My ...   

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