Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well Well, it's only 8 am on the morning after President's Day and I sit here all smiles...

Two biggest breaking stories on the Internet are:

1. A Federal Judge in Texas has granted an injunction barring Obamanation's executive action on amnesty for 5 million illegals - until the case can be heard in court!!  Release by newly elected Texas Gob'nor Greg Abbott in a Tweet - the Tweet that shall henceforth be known as the Tweet Heard across the Nation!!!

2. In retribution for beheading 21 Egyptian Coptics, Egypt's new president (you know, the general that replaced the Muslim Brotherhood's puppet) slammed a whole passel of airstrikes into Libyan targets and shot them boys up good!  

 So, a Jordanian Pilot gets burned alive - and King Abdullah responds with airpower and firepower. Egyptian citizens get beheaded and General al-Sisi piles on!   

Wonder what it would take to get the spineless community organizer currently playing golf in California while Moochelle Antoinette skis in Aspen, to pull up his man pants and join in the fray????

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