Thursday, February 26, 2015

The caca flowing out of the Oval Office is turning into a flood......

There is so much pure bull sh*t flowing out the entry door to the Oval Office the last couple of days that it is flooding the hallways and headed out toward Pennsylvania Avenue.  Looks like that volcanic lava over in Hawaii, one of the purported homes of the current occupant of that same Oval Office...

To much to keep up with and report here, Partners -- if you are surfing the Web, (while you can) you are already reading most of it -
\- Obamanation sez he's gonna pile on his amnesty lawbreaking career and verbally dares Congress to try to stop him! Dares them - Shades of Adolph and Joseph!!
- The FCC went ahead with three Dem votes to two and have started the gob'mint take over of the Internet..   Shades of Iran & China!!
- Twenty-four hours before Congress is set to act one way or the other on DHS budget - TSA suddenly discovers a 'Catastrophic Aviation Threat' that they admit they can't even handle..  Shades of 12th hour surprises! 
- Unable to overrule the 2nd Amendment, His Bo'ness bans the most popular bullet made and sold in America -- by Presidential Fiat!!

I'm running out of ink --- stay tuned, or better yet - Start practicing that "Duck, Roll and Cover" safety program you learned in 6th grade!     
Is this the day in history our great grandchildren will learn that the Congress and SCOTUS allowed a King to crown hisself? February 26th, 2015?

Where do you see the meter placed?

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