Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shoulda, coulda, woulda ......

Hot damn!! If I was half smart - the morning after Mayor Rudy Giuliani's comments the other evening, I would have called my stock clerk and told him to find me some soy bean futures and Buy! Buy! Buy! 

Why? You ask...  Because unbeknown to many folks, the ink used for printing newspapers contains a large amount of soybean oils.....   Thus, ergo, and hence -- with the knee jerk, lap dog, liberal press going into a full press run overtime  - spilling ink all over the pages in an effort to besmirch Giuliani's reputation, they are using billions of gallons of those self same soybean oils this week!

I have never seen such an outburst of orchestrated rhetorical fury as has come from the NY Times, Washington Post, and LA Times... not to mention all the fish wrapping newspapers in the flyover land betwixt them.  

God knows what they'd do if Rudy has said the Obamanation cheated at golf too!!

They've gone back forty years to find anything, ANYTHING, that the formerly admired Federal Prosecutor has ever uttered that might be interpreted as racial.  Not political mind you, that's too close to home,  but purely racial. 

The venom level is exceeding that amount we once saw in a great movie called 'Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf"...... on an alcohol enhanced Friday night screaming match.......     shame on them all.

Why just not comment intelligently, if they can, on his suppositions and accusations?

I reckon the truth hurts!

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