Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday morning pondering.......

After another weekend of watching the talking heads on television tell us the error of our ways -- our problems are caused because the Republicans won't meet the Democrats half way - and vice versa --

And then reading the Monday morning Drudge Report and other news blogs telling us unwashed citizens out here in flyover land the same things..   I got to pondering... 

I've noticed that in my personal encounters with folks, and in my exchanges on various military and other blogs -- that those on the Left are as set in their ways as are those on the Right.. I can't recall a single liberal being converted into a conservative by argument or conversation. Likewise, nor conservatives seem to be overly impressed with arguments from the left.

That begs the question, how can anybody, citizens, voters, pundits, talking heads .... anybody expect that the representatives that we send to Congress, House & Senate both,  because of their political bent -- are gonna sit down and compromised on anything? From school lunches, to ethanol subsidies.  If they did, we'd vote 'em out office!

So, as a result of this pondering - I just gonna say - spare me the hand wringing and soul searching... accept human nature for what it is - and move on. George Washington wasn't big on a two party system - but that's what we have, so live with it!!

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