Friday, February 27, 2015

It's wayyyyy to early to decide .....

... but the more I see and hear of Gob'nor Scott Walker - the more impressed I am.  Never have believed in jumping on Bandwagons -- too durned hard to get off if you find the driver can't steer...  but shucks, Walker is inhaling all the oxygen in the room just now. 

I have long admired Texas's own Rick Perry. He looks like a president, he served in the military, and he's had 14 successful years running the biggest state in the country! Besides, he ain't got an accent like them Yankees do!
I hear the music but I ain't ready to board yet!

But, it's too early for a decision just yet -- and I do like the cut of Scott Walker's political jib.  He ain't in that Blue State's Gob'nors chair because his daddy left it to him, or because it was his turn.... no sir........ the moneyed interests from around the nation, the unions from across the rust belt - all tried to keep his butt out of that chair ..... and failed ... 3 times!!

I regret that he never served in one of the military branches - I think that ought to be a requisite for public office.... but heck he was elected to public office at the age most youngsters are enlisting.  The fact that he earned the high level of Eagle Scout sits well, however!

Now in the last couple of weeks, he has grabbed my attention in another fashion -- emulating Ole Newt Gingrich - he has refused to play gotcha with the liberl main stream press. And on at least two occasions, told them where to stuff their dumbass questions ..... hint - it's where they keep their heads during their down hours as well. 

Folks loved Newt for his refusal to suffer such fools... unfortunately his pile of baggage was so high we couldn't see the full action. With young Mr Walker - if he keeps it up - he's gonna be hard to beat.  But I'm waiting patiently for a declarative statement from him on amnesty, ISIS, corporate taxes, bringing home global company's coffers, and the like ....

I'll worry about the social conservatism much longer - what two guys do to each other in the privacy of their bedroom isn't my concern - what those two guys do to contribute to the economy, health and well being of this great Nation is!!!!!

Like I said, I'm not ready to climb up on that wagon yet... but I'm listening to the Band!!!

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