Friday, February 6, 2015

Conflabulatoxymoronicatedofuscated Headlines this morning!!

What a weird Friday morning for news today -- 

We have ISIS Islamic Terrorist/Murderers putting fellow Muslim prisoners in cages and burning them alive while taking video tapes of their actions.  And,

Their cousins in Nigeria are killing fellow Muslims by the thousands and kidnapping their daughters, burying their brothers alive.  And, 

We have a Community Organizer occupying the Oval Office, blaming it all on the Crusades of the 13th Century and the Jim Crow laws of the middle of the 20th Century.......

We have a national broadcast network (NBC) newsreader (Brian Williams) doing a semi-mea culpa for lying about his experiences in Iraq 12 years ago- in an obvious attempt to steal valor. And,

His strongest defense comes from Dan Rather, whose own reputation for truthiness is a little besmirched. And,

His strongest critic is Tom Brokaw, who was the NBC New Editor at the time of Lyin' Brian's first fabulization -- knew it was a lie - and said nothing then or since.. until the story just broke.

We have front page headlines with flying rainbow flags, reporting an AP survey last week that says that one third of Americans favor gay marriage, one third oppose it and the other third asks "what are they gay about?. And,

We have a follow up paragraph that points out that a little more than half of the people surveyed don't think that businesses or local office employees should be penalized for failing to salute that rainbow flag and refusing service to such foolishness. 

Should I go on?   Sure, one more, why not?

We have front page headlines that job creation is up. And

Our unemployment rate is down. And yet,

There are more people unemployed, underemployed and out of work than any time in our nation's history, And,

The number of people on the dole, food stamps and social security disability is at an all time high!!!

My head hurts, when you figger all these conflicting headlines out, let me know!

BTW, did I mention that we finally have a Muslim State, Jordan by name, and Leader, King Abdullah by name -- who is angry enough to start attacking ISIS.... and throwing away his lead from behind badge, our POTUS is turning his back on providing arms and support for this little 6 million person country. 

And, ..............!

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