Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another lady's life saved when she grabbed hir pistol - not her cell phone......

A woman in Van Zandt County, Texas had an alarming and unexpected visitor in the middle of the night on Tuesday. 37 year old Christopher Ray Foster, described by Sheriffs as having “an extensive criminal history” including a conviction for raping a child, was attempting to break into the woman’s home through a side entrance. His plans were abruptly changedwhen he discovered that the woman was armed.

The invader, 37 year old man, aka "Outlaw" , released on Personal Recognizance after failing to register as a convicted sex offender -  was determined to be "DRT" -- Dead Right There -- by the County Sheriff's department. 

The sheriff has offended the county executive when he opined that the shooter would not be investigated, much less prosecuted and added:
“Presently, as the result of underfunding and inadequate staffing at the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office, homeowners need to take appropriate precautions to protect their families,” Sheriff Michael Ray said. “I will continue to support the law abiding citizens of our community when they are forced to take actions to protect their lives, liberty and property.

Van Zant county is just East of Dallas and covers 859 square miles -- 2/3rds the size of the State of Rhode Island. A lot of area for a county sheriff's department to protect!  Good thing the invader was White - or else the Jackson/Sharpton/Holder team would be calling it a hate crime!

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