Saturday, February 21, 2015

A passing thought on a White House gone awry---

We've all heard about this week's extremism summit -- you know, the one where folks from sixty countries were invited and our POTUS opined that Islam is not extreme - and that what is needed is a Jihadist Job Corps to keep those little rascals out of mischief!   

Yeah that one,  the one that was closed by remarks from that astute observer of human nature, Susan Rice, who said that "mothers are the key to spotting the warning signs of extremism" 

And was opened by that other font of towering intellectualism -- Bite-Me Biden -- fired off this double barreled shotgun from the dais..."importance of inclusion of immigrants in helping prevent radicalization: --- & "a sense of belonging will bring them into the fold" er, some such.......

What you may not have heard about this tax payer funded circle jerk of jerks is this simple fact -- Russian FSB (former known as KGB) Director Aleksander V Bortnikov was invited and attended this summit --- but our own FBI Director James Comey was NOT...... how interesting and telling is this?

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