Thursday, January 1, 2015

Well, it's New Years Day!!

And all across the land, new laws are coming into effect. I think the one that will be most interesting to follow is the new one in Michigan (of all states). And it seems most reasonable:

"Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed HB 4118 and SB 275 into law on December 24, 2014. The bills require the Department of Human Services to establish and administer a suspicion-based drug screening and testing program in at least three counties. The department must screen applicants and recipients of the Family Independence Program in the pilot counties using a valid substance abuse screening tool. If the screening tool gives the department reason to believe the person has a substance abuse problem, the person will be required to take a substance abuse test. If the applicant refuses to take the test, benefits will be denied and they may re-apply after 6 months. For those who test positive, they will be referred to a department-identified community mental health entity and can be eligible to continue receiving benefits. If the individual tests positive, the cost of the test is deducted from their benefit amount. The department must report to the legislature on the pilot program within 60 days of its ending."

However reasonable it may sound to me and other conservative constitutionalists -- I'm sure that lawyers will find some liberal, activist judge in a black dress and get him/her to declare it unconstitutional as invasion of privacy or some such.   That will please the ACLU and other bleeding heart organizations....... but probably won't sit well with the hard working men & women tax payers whose taxes support those welfare folks........ and yet who must submit to periodic drug screening to keep their jobs......... and pay taxes. 

I'm sure the leftwingnuts will claim that it hurts the 'Chillun' or some such -- I'd think that sobering up their parents and keeping 'em clean ain't such a bad thing to do!

Time will tell..... Only new law in my neck of the woods is a monster fine if you answer your cell phone when you are driving in a school district. I find no fault with that -- but then I don't answer my phone when I'm driving anyway. If it's somebody I want to talk to, I'll return their call when I next park. 

Have a safe, prosperous, and hopefully 'Right-Minded' New Year, y'all!

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