Friday, January 2, 2015

Sanctimonious -- Personified!!!

  1. making a show of being morally superior to other people.
    "what happened to all the sanctimonious talk about putting his family first?"
    synonyms:self-righteousholier-than-thoupious, pietistic,churchy, moralizing, preachysmugsuperior,priggishhypocriticalinsincere;
  2. I am not presenting the definition above because I feel that any of you don't already know what it means -- I merely use it a visual aid to my comments this morning. 

By now everybody in the land has heard the Dimmocrat/liberal/progressive screams, rants and whines about Congressman Scalise (R-LA) and why he should resign his role as Whip in Congress.... no no -- that's not enough -- he should resign his very seat in Congress!!  Yes, that's the only way to atone for his sin of speaking to a group one time 12 years ago that was apparently a white supremacy group founded by David Dukes. 

Congressman Scalise has never been quoted for any white supremacist remarks, nor ever indicated any feelings reflecting that position. Nope, turns out that back n the days when as a young politician, he would accept almost any invitation to any group to speak...... this happened to be one of those events. 

All the MSM and Dim's screams however make no noise in my ears, not when their own Dim POTUS and his Dim Attorney General are poster boys for the same thing a hundred times over with their sucking up and constant hosting of people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACLP (the L stands for Liberal) and others of their ilk. 

What did I hear just yesterday, that tax evading race baiting, court certified liar Sharp Al, visited the White House 85 times? Do you reckon that neither the Community Organizer now occupying the Oval Office and his staff had no idea of Sharpton's leanings?    Hmm?  

Now about that word --- SANCTIMONIOUS...... thy name be Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) ... former Kleagle of the KKK! And all of today's Dim hissy fit throwers.

As an aside - this whole sorry episode brings two thoughts to mind. Why good men choose to not run for public office and risk ruin of the careers and families.......... and just how deep Dims will dig for dirt on those not of their kind.   How much research did it take to dig this one speech out of this man's long history?

UPDATE: Betsy Woodruff of the very liberal SLATE Blog, discovered and released the information that Scalise did NOT SPEAK AT THE CONFERENCE after all!    “He spoke early in the day to a contingent of people, prior to the conference kicking off,”  “He was not there as a guest speaker at the conference.” a spokesman who was there said. 

Meanwhile the three broadcast networks, who never mentioned Kermit Gosnell last year last year, devoted a full 13 minutes in ONE DAY to this Scalise rumor and the NY Times/Washington Post  printed over 3,800 words to it. Any bets on how much time or ink the expend in retracting or correcting their earlier reports? Nah, I don't look for any either!

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