Thursday, January 29, 2015

Psst, "Nice little bank youse got here......"

Time was - when the phrase, "I'm from the gob'mint and I'm here to help you.", was just a throwaway line from sit-coms, stand up comedians and Ronald Reagan. 

Unfortunately, over the last six years, Obamanation and his Robbin' Hoods in the Attorney General's office have given this phrase a whole new meaning..... "I'm from the gob'mint and I'm here to help hurt you!"

Under the guise of Operation Choke Point, a plan originally intended to target pimps, illegal gambling, and drug dealers, apparently our Gob'mint is using this program to support their own morality play. Including their long sought intent to destroy the rights granted under the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.  

They now approach banks and credit unions and whisper in their ears, "Psst, nice little bank (credit union) youse got here. Be a shame if the FDIC just investigated you right out of bid'ness. We'd like youse to stop doing any banking bid'ness with Acme Gun Manufactures and/or any company or store that sells their products. Capish?"

So, the banks bow to the Mafia type pressure from the DOJ and close the accounts... running the companies out of business altogether or at least hurting their operation. 

Doesn't sound very American, does it. Not in this land built as a world model for free enterprise..  And what's worse, now that the dirty secret of their efforts are out in the public eye-- they are going back to these same financial institutions and re-threatening them with sanctions if they should speak publicly to the press -- or to the very entrepreneurs they are running out of business.

In case you have any doubts about this, simply Google "operation choke point" and watch the hits unfold.  Be careful Partners, we still have two more years of this regime facing us -- and from what I saw of the Senate hearing with the new attorney general nominee -- it ain't gonna get any better!

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