Sunday, January 25, 2015

No brainer of the day --

Conservatives, Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Steve King (both names are followed by a large R) have introduced legislation in their respective chambers entitled: "Expatriate Terrorist Act". This bill, if enacted would amend our current Immigration and Nationality Act so as to deny an American passport to -- or strip the existing citizenship of any individual who have taken an oath to a foreign terrorist organization (FTO).

Can you say ISIL? ISIS? Al-Qaeda?

In the war of the greatest generation, if an American citizen signed up (took and oath) to fight for Japan, Germany or Italy -- it was a no brainer.. why is it any different now. These Islamic terrorist organizations may not identify with any particular country -- but their goal is clear... their methods obvious, and their murderous intent apparent! 

There are Due Process questions involved, and legalities to be settled -- but the underlying idea is ---- like the sign says above, a no-brainer!

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