Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Meet the real Gob'nor Perry...

Air Force Captain Rick Perry
Many folks in this country only know Texas Gob'nor Perry by virtue of his big "Oops" slip in the 2012 debate. They don't know that he was on strong pain meds for his back, that he had been up too long -- they don't know Rick Perry like us Texans do. And he just grinned and din't whine about it.  I'm gonna link you to a pretty good (short) article about him in a minute... but first I just gotta remind y'all that....

Rick Perry was the Gob'nor that was out jogging in the hills with his dog, when it was attacked by a Coyote. He pulled out his concealed carry, shot the coyote varmint and continued his jog. He din't call 911 or Animal Control or for a meeting of the state legislature to solve the coyote problem.... he just handled it!

The link to the short article is here -- but even if you get bored, be sure to read the last paragraph --- it speaks volumes about this man!

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