Sunday, January 11, 2015

Keeping New York City safe, one hamburger container at a time....

The SIC (Socialist in Charge) of New York City, Bill de Blasio (nee - Warren Wilhelm Jr) has managed in his first year in office to alienate the entire 50,000 man NYPD, New York's finest...
de Blasio and Mentor?

Putting crime on the fast track upward... from petty crimes to major crimes. And add motivation and speed to the many folks deciding to leave both the city of New York and Cuomo's state of the same name!   Last year Cuomo famously announced to the the conservatives residing in that great state, 'We don't need your kind around here!'   So, being brighter than the average low information voter -- they are headed for more welcoming states, and taking their businesses and wealth with them. 

But not to fear!! In a Tweet/Twitter de Blasio sent to all of his Tweet followers (wife & kids?) the strong message that after July 1st of this year, all things Styrofoam can GET OUT OF NEW YORK CITY as well!! 

Well, by golly it's good to know that 74% of the folks that voted in the last mayoral election in NY City were smart enough to elect an enemy of Styrofoam!  

The question now becomes how do they get those meals home from the corner deli to eat behind their locked, chained, bolted front doors as they cower in fear of their safety?  Brown paper bags don't work well with chicken soup and pasta salads. 

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