Sunday, January 11, 2015

Just a Sunday morning thought --

I read the headlines and story this morning that the Congress is going to have to take action this year to keep the Social Security Disability fund from drying up next year!  

Their only two choices appear to be either raise the Social Security tax on workers and employers again - or -- siphon off funds from the SS Retirement fund that folks have paid into all their life!

A third possibility was floated by the conservatives, but quickly shot down by the liberal Dims --- a twenty percent cut in disability insurance payments. 

I would suggest a 4th option -- A gob'mint review of every physical exam for every Limpin' Louie or Louise that jumped on the SS Disability bandwagon when their unemployment pay ran out in the last five years....   It's purely amazing how disabled folks got when their job search ended. Ain't no way they are gonna risk that free money by looking for a job now that bid'ness is picking up again. 

Check out this chart --- speaks a lot louder than I do!!!!

Anybody notice a relationship in this graph?

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