Monday, January 26, 2015

Biggest ears - least hearing?

Forgetting all the liberal/semi-evil/unpopular/unconstitutional moves that Obamanation made in his first six years of office..... and starting fresh on January 3rd of this year with a new Congress installed, I note that hisself has:

- released high priority Islamic terrorists from Gitmo (to return to the battlefield)
- snubbed the 40 world leaders that marched in Paris (to not offend the Muslims?)
- proposed that Americans' education savings accounts be taxed.
- proposed that Americans' home equity be taxed.
- proposed that 12 MILLION more acres of the sovereign State of Alaska be deemed as a protected federal preserve.
- insulted and otherwise offended the Congress in the State of the Union Address.

Now - one has to wonder how this president - with the largest set of ears of the 44 that have held that office in the last 238 years is so tone deaf -- so unhearing of the American citizens' wishes - that he pays no never-mind to their cries. 
Is this too subtle for you, America?
Or too sophomoric to believe?

Then, I think I found the answer, he doesn't hear them because he has those middle fingers stuck in his ears -- so....... it's 

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