Sunday, December 14, 2014

Obamanation - The Grinch that is about to steal Christmas again ........

Barack O'Grinch
I am sure the Secret Service agents protecting the Community Organizer in the Oval Office and his family look back with fond memories and tears in their eyes of the days that George W Bush & Laura lived in the White House. 

Although the Bush's have their own ranch right here in Texas, I recall that he refused to take his Christmas vacations there because that would cause all of his Secret Service protection team, and hundreds of other support team members to be away from their families in Washington over the holidays.  So he and Laura and the kids and grandparents would helicopter up to Camp David for the Christmas holidays.. Not exciting, but not 3rd class either. Minimal staff interference... that's the way the Bush's are. Class.

Christmas get-away cottage
Now I see that King Barry and Michelle Antoinette are off to their seventh 19 day, twenty million dollar vacay in Kailua, Hawaii on Kailua Bay. Trying to make do with their little $3,500 per day, 13,000 square foot holiday getaway cottage. Click here for some pictures. 

This of course means that those hundreds of agents, support teams, flight crews, limo drivers will all miss the holidays, Christmas & New Years with their families.  But what the hell.... let 'em eat cake!

Being a loving father BHO takes the family out to
 Diamond Head Basketball tourney,
a great time was had by all!!!!

Word also is that the waters on Kailua Bay will be off limits to all the neighbors, their families and friends for the holiday duration. No boating, no snorkling, no surfing. no kidding!!   What fun!  

As that other prominent political jerk,  Jesse Ventura (one term gob'nor of Minnesota) said on the Letterman show --- (Big sigh) "It's nice to be king!!"

Merry Christmas Scrooge Hussein!!!

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