Sunday, December 21, 2014

I wish I could read the American History books of 2020 this week!

It would be interesting to be able to read in hindsight whether all of the recent actions by some of America's leaders was coincidental, self-fulfilling, or a spontaneous, unwritten plan to foment racial animus in this great country.

Why does the Community Organizer stand in front of a Presser on Friday morning before leaving on his million dollar vacation to Hawaii and lament that white policeman are choking black men to death.  Why would his Attorney General, the people's lawyer - stir the pot? Why would the hapless socialist/communist mayor of NY City bad mouth his own police force?

And of course, why does the race baiter in charge - make public pronouncements designed to stir the least brilliant faction in our midst -- the gangsta's. All the way down in Mississippi, young blond cheerleader Jessica Chambers (google if you are interested) had gasoline poured on her and burned to death - right after remarks rebounded around the social networks are shouting 'Burn the bitch down', 'Kill the families of policemen!'  ..... and worse?

I reckon I'd mostly like to read those American History books of 2020 to see if this Nation and my grandchildren -- survived this ugly period of our history......

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