Monday, December 15, 2014

Here's a head scratcher I'll bet you ain't noticed....

Turn to your search engine, Google or whatever, and do a search for your homestate...  up will pop the Six Most Important Facts about your state....

Secretary of State
Attorney General
Minimum Wage

Say what? What in tarnation makes the state's minimum wage one of the six most important facts about your state?  And when and by whose decree has this been inserted...  Not size, population, date and number at which it was admitted to the union.  Nope!  Minimum wage!

Whee doggies, Beam me up Scottie - I can't handle the place no more!!  BTW, for you folks really concerned, minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 (but ain't nobody would work for that -- not even McJobs.  California is $9.00 (but they ain't got no jobs) Number Four on the high unemployment list. 

I surf'd Georgia,(with the highest unemployment rate to see if there is a correlation,  but they don't list minimum wage, they just tell you the name of the University of Georgia's football stadium --- Sanford Stadium...... ain't that a hoot! Their minimum wage is $5.15 and yet their teen unemployment rate is 27,17%.

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