Saturday, December 6, 2014

Everybody has a nose............ and an opinion..... here's mine!

Who is responsible for the death of Eric Garner in New York City? Here is a list of suspects:
- Eric Garner for selling loosies
- PO Daniel Pantaleo for his fatal choke hold
- Store owner that called police to remove Eric Garner
- Police Procedures manual which prohibits choke holds
- NY City Council & Mayor who made selling loosies illegal
- Taxing authorities whose taxes have raised NYC prices to $14.50 per pack

It would be a cop out (pun intended) to say all of the above. But just like the Kingdom that was lost, all for the want of a horseshoe nail...  I place the blame on the NYC Council and other taxing authorities that have increased taxes to the obscene price of $14.50 per pack! 
Partners... that is almost 75¢ PER CIGARETTE!!!

How in God's name can Joe the doorman or janitor or Jill the waitress or housekeeper afford to pay $14.50 for one pack of cigarettes? No wonder they are purchased one loosie at a time!

So, Eric Garner died, PO Pantaleo will forever be branded as a killer, the store owner will forever feel guilty about calling police, the Police Procedures manual will be amended to make the choke hold illegal, NYC Council and their socialist Mayor will wash their hands and move on to their next Gob'mint caused crisis, and they and the state and federal taxing authorities will keep on raising taxes so they can keep on growing their power and the gob'mints control of all of us Sheeple!! 

And many of the Sheeple will riot with no real effect except to screw up the daily lives and livelihoods of their fellow Sheeple!!

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