Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Daily Caller hits a home run, home run, home run ......repeat!

This cold. gray, Sunday morning instead of my usual pithy rants (no I don't lisp) or raves --- I am going to strongly suggest that you go to this great (but lengthy) piece in the Daily Caller. It summarizes the 'Alphabet of Racism', as has been poured upon our heads over the last few years by the Dems, Libs, MSM, and totally vacuous TV pundits of MSNBC, et al..     

Who knew that PB&J sammiches were racist? 

Oh, did I say it's a fun read too -- you'll remember most of the items - so it's also a good refresher course on how we are being hornswoggled out of our 21st Century Minds!

Both links lead to the same article -- the first with pics and colors...  the second link is just the black and white (dare I say that?) basic article intended for printing!   Fill up your coffee mug, click a link and enjoy!  Or bemoan- your choice!

First link - Original Daily caller article with bells whistles and ads.

Second link - same Daily caller article sans the puffery above! 

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