Monday, November 3, 2014

Pssst, got a minute???

I'm sure that anybody that takes the time to read this Blog reads and follows the news, in print and media.  Thus, therefore, ergo and hence - I'm not about to lecture you on the panicked way the Dims are falling back on race baiting in tomorrows election........    You are already painfully aware -- from Hagan in NC to Landrieu in LA, and onwards.... it has been rolling across the country. 

The point I'd like to make is simply this -- it seems to me that the Democrats, besides fearing they are losing many seats tomorrow --- are also afraid they are losing many of the Black voters that they have successfully kept on the Dim plantation over the last fifty years...    

Yep, from some of the political commercials I've seen this last month, from some of the Black columnists and TV Pundits... I think I see a lot of eyes opening across this fair land of ours.  I am particularly surprised and pleased with the political ads which point out that after sending the White senator to Washington for 18 or more years -- nothing has improved in their neighborhood, their infrastructure, their employment possibilities.... nothing - nada!!

So, now they are looking around, taking the blinders off, and saying, "There has got to be a better way!!

My only hope now is the conservative Republicans are smart enough to jump out front of events - and do those things necessary, pass the right legislation, fund the right projects - to make true believers out of these born again Voters!!

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