Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is this the "Law of Unintended Consequences"?

..... or just another clusterf**k  on the part of Obamanation and his team of narrow visioned incompetents..?    Here is the deal, let's take them one fact at a time.

1. Obamacare law states specifically that any employer with 50+ employees MUST provide them with health care or pay a $3000 per employee per year penalty.

2. When the empty suit in the Oval Office signed his Executive Action granting amnesty to five million adult working age illegals - it bars them from gob'mint benefits.  

3. Thus, ergo, and hence, the owners of every chicken plucking factory, vineyard, or major hotel has just been granted permission to replace all of their American Citizen (or Legal Immigrant) workers, and replace them with these newly amnestied illegals,  AND NOT HAVE THE EXPENSE OF HEALTH CARE AND SUFFER NO PENALTY FOR NOT PROVIDING IT.  A $3000 per illegal worker per year bonus for employers...

The White House has not replied to any request for comment.....

What a country!!! What an Administration!!! What a crock of Ca-Ca!!!

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