Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Cheer up.... things could get worse!" someone said.....

So we cheered up, and sure as hell -- things got worse"
Ms Flournoy and General Petraeus
That old line came to mind this morning when I read that political hack and dim-witted DOD Secretary Hagel might get thrown under the bus this year -- relieving his Dear Leader from any fault for the way things are in our defense systems around the world.
A recent survey reflects that Hagel lacks the confidence of 75% of the folks in uniform and other employees in the defense department. But fear not -- his BO'ness found the most qualified person in this 300 million person land to replace him.
That would be Ms Michele Flournoy.... who will bring her Social Studies degree and years of gob'mint political appointee flack work to bear.. That is Ms Flournoy in the picture - sitting next to one of the more brilliant minds in the military arena, who was caught with his pants down and thus - erased all his smarts, experience, and value to this land...... An experience in his personal life not unlike General Eisenhower's - who continued to contribute to our nation, as you recall.
Rest easy troops, one of Hellary's contributors and Obama's re-election campaign workers is on the way to solve that petty ISIS problem.... as well as others of course!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ms Flournoy will be selected because with her Social Studies degree, she was the only one in the room that could find Syria on the map.