Friday, November 14, 2014

About that war on women that the Dem's are always accusing the rascally Republicans of......

Representative Tammy Duckworth, (D) Illinois, a disabled Army vet who lost both legs in a helicopter crash in Iraq... is eight months+ pregnant. Her doctor advises her not to travel until the birthing in December - which means she can't make to DC to join in the Democrat Caucus when they elect their caucus leaders for the new 114th Congress commencing on January 3rd. 

So, in writing, she asked for dispensation in the way of letting her send in her vote by proxy --after all, this wasn't on Congressional Legislation, just Caucus bid'ness ------   Pelosi and the Dem leadership said, Nope, No-way, Not Gonna Happen!

You probably won't read this in the Gray Lady or the Washington Post - and you certainly won't hear it on NBC or CBS....  but you heard it here!  

Wonder if the GOP Caucus took such a firm position on a similar circumstance on a female, disabled vet in their caucus -- if you'd hear about it??

Maybe - 24/7 'eh? Chris Matthews would be foaming at the mouth, Rachael Maddow would cancel a hot date with a chick she just met to share it on her program.... and the MSM anchors would sigh and wring their hands as they told the story over and over and over.......  so whose war on women is it, really?

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Ron Marcoullier said...

What do you think the odds are that they would have told Sheila
Jackson Lee et al that they wouldn't be able to vote by proxy in a similar situation?