Friday, October 24, 2014

Let's be serious for a minute, on Friday:

First of all, take two short minutes and watch this video of ISIS terrorist/fighters opening the air dropped gifts from the USofA and intended for Kurds ......

Now then, if you have watched this maddening scene of gross incompetency by the US Gob't forces... you can even get more exasperated. Here is what a Pentagon official told a CNN reporter when asked about this SNAFU:

“I’m told by pentagon officials if ISIS indeed did get it and these things look authentic that it is not militarily significant in the whole scheme of things there. Partly in light of the fact that ISIS has already captured a tremendous amount of American-supplied weapons in Iraq”

In other words, this DOD dufus is describing this total failure by the military involved as to be of no great importance, because the ISIS already has so much of our military equipment, guns and food!

In the infamous acronym of Obamanations Campaign "Win The Future" == I can only say 'WTF"?????

Y'all have a nice day now, hear? Your gob'mint is in good hands.....

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