Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm scratching my head over Lake Mead.....

The question I ask myself is..... no, wait a minute, let me share some facts first. 

The water level at Lake Mead on October 24 was 1082.4 (check picture chart) and is dropping rapidly toward that level that is level with or below the water intake pipes to the electricity generators in Hoover Dam.  Since the electricity produced by these generators is shared by California, Nevada and Arizona, there could be some serious black outs.  

And I ain't even talking about the water rationing that will be caused by such a drastic drop in water levels -- that's for another day's discussion. 

Okay - you ready for my question?  If Obamanation, through his Executive Orders and through the EPA regulatory peeing factory, have shut down the coal mines and thus -- the coal burning electricity generation plants across the country, to the delight of all the hippy-dippy tree huggers........  how happy are all them earth loving free spirits in those big Blue States and Cities going to be when they find themselves not only without air/conditioning and TV -- but sitting in the dark eating Army surplus MRE's by candlelight when the water runs too low to turn those huge generators? 

"How low's the water Mama?"
You reckon they'll be building monuments and burning incense in memory of The One, that feller that was gonna stop the oceans rising, and keep the temperatures down. Or are they going to be rioting in the streets, looting stores, and generally doing some 38 Caliber complaining? 

BTW, the engineers on Hoover Dam are already shutting off the water flow at night when the electricity grid demand diminishes... 'cause they have to provide drinking and flushing water to all those Global Warming zealots too!

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