Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am aghast.........AGHAST - I tell you!!!

Yesterday, Saturday, the Supreme Court of the United States of America actually let stand, a Texas Voter ID law!

Despite the protestations of the Dims, the race baiters and of course the three liberal wimmen in black dresses, Ginzberg, Sotomayor (the wise latina) and Kagan ---  the majority rejected an emergency request to stay a Federal Appeals Court's ruling to allow the law to stand when early voting begins tomorrow (Monday)

By way of background, the justice department shopped around and found Federal
District Judge Nelva Gozales Ramos (an Obamanation appointee) who found our Texas law an 'unconstitutional burden' on the voters.

With seven forms of acceptable approved ID's --- it only took the 5th Court of Appeals five days to overturn her ruling....   that's like a lightning strike in usual court plodding pleadings...

Just imagine, it now takes the same amount of identification to vote in Texas, as it takes to cash a check, board a plane....  or.... enter a federal court house!!!   

Imagine that!!!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your editorial regarding requiring Voter IDs for the upcoming election in Texas..

I thought you'd quote yet another valid observation, that the NAACP Convention held in Houston in 2012 featuring race-baiting Eric Holder established A REQUIREMENT for ALL attending that presentation to HAVE A GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PHOTO ID.