Friday, October 31, 2014

Election Day is just four days away (for the 10% of the voters that din't vote early already!!!!)

So here we are, last day of October -- Halloween -- it's looking more like a tsunami then a surfing wave sweeping through the portals of Washington DC next Tuesday.  I wasn't sure myself until this morning when all of the left leaning pundits and news organizations started calling it a "Hold your nose and vote" election because even if the voters don't like Republicans they are going to vote that way anyway!

Excuse me? If you don't like either candidate on a ballot, you sit on your hands, you don't hold your nose and pull a lever for the bad guys!  Where do these so called professional talking heads get their scripts from? Debbie Wasser-shitz and the DNC? Give me a break.  

Mary Landrieu, re-elected three times in her do nothing career in the Senate, now about to lose -  decides that Southern voters are biased against wimmen and Blacks? And stupid me, I din't even know Obamanation was on the ballot next Tuesday.  Gimme a break!   

And the moderator's geographical assassination attempt on Scott Brown in his debate with Obama's lapdancer, Jeanne Shaheen, in an weak attempt to paint him as a carpet bagger fell equally short!  For everybody but the Huffington Post, of course. 

And of course, we have the creme dela creme -- our own Texas Senate race where at the twelfth hour, Wendy Davis, the queen of infanticide has decided break the news to all of the Black voters of Texas that the Republican candidate for gob'nor hates them and doesn't want their votes. So she paid to have this radio ad played on the Black radio stations for the last three weeks.  Give me a break!

Happy Halloween all -- as a parting gift - I want to share this video -- a preview of leading political Dims in their Halloween get ups!!


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