Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Thursday morning open question......

Little Al in his secure sanitary studio!

Jesse in his natural environment in Dallas
behind the (sanitized) microphones
Last week, when Ebola Patient Duncan died in Dallas, Race Baiter in Charge, Jesse Jackson flew to the scene... or at least to the cameras near the scene to claim that racial discrimination in the health care provided caused Mr Duncan's death...   (he of course said it longer and louder than I just did)

This week, MSNBC's Chief Race Hustler, Al Sharpton started denigrating (can I use that word here?) all Americans who would find any imperfection with the way the Administration, the CDC or the Towel Attendant in the US Senate Restrooms, have been handling this whole Ebola clusterfark.

Here is my Thursday morning question:   Has anybody out there spotted either Jackson or Sharpton at JFK boarding an international flight to Liberia to visit their people, and try to determine how they could help..... with their money, with fund raisers, with publicity, with positive thinking?

No?..... my my, I am surprised!!!!

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