Monday, January 14, 2013

Turn-about is fair play!!!!!!!

I'm sure you are all painfully familiar with last week's main journalism story -- a Southern New York liberal rag & fish wrapping newspaper printed the names and addresses of all licensed gun owners in that portion of the NY Tri-state areas. 

Why did they do it? Because they can.  Because the 1st Amendment gives them the right to publish any public information. 

No No! Really, why did they do it? It was a sophomoric prank perpetrated by a an 'unruly mob' of bullying liberal knee-jerkers --- and ....... just because they could. A perfect example of Americans hiding under the protection of the First Amendment while trying to destroy the Second Amendment.

There has already been one residence burglary which is suspected to be directly related to those newsrag (I won't call it a newspaper) articles and lists. 

Well, once again, thank the Lord for the Blogosphere!!  A feller up there in hoity-toity Westchester County has obtained the official lists of all the editors, reporters and staff of the "Journal News" and has published them on an interactive map for all to see.  Click on a spot, get the full name, address, telephone number and position for each and every employee. 

I'll bet those folks are crazed with shouts of 'unfair'....   I may be way down here in Texas but I'm tickled Red, White, & Blue!!

I'm just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if that paper had the cajones to publish the names and addresses of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect ex-president Bill Clinton there in Westchester.... I suspect that they carry weapons.   

Nah, I don't reckon they'd do that - it's okay to pick on ordinary citizens but not nice to fool with the US Gob'mint!

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