Thursday, January 10, 2013

New verb - "Political Hystrionics"

I watched an excerpt of New Yorks Gob'nor Andy Cuomo during his hysterical State of the State tantrum.  I thought perhaps he was auditioning to be a grieving speaker at the funeral of the next senator that dies in a plane crash.  Remember the political screams of anguish at the funeral of the late Senator Paul Wellstone back in 2002?

I vill grab your guns!!
Egad, you'd never know the man was the son of one of the most erudite New York pols in history!  Looked and sounded like John Boehner on steroids.  

BTW, anybody ever read anything in the Second Amendment that mentions deer hunting? Funny, neither have I. Anybody ever heard a hysterical pol, from Schumer in NYC to Feinstein on the Left coast describe 'zactly what an 'assault rifle' is?  Nope? Neither have I.  

Seems like I read that the onliest long gun on the scene was a single shot, semi-auto AR-15 and it was in the trunk of the lunatic's car. Only hand guns were used. Hmmm....

Don't bother  with the facts, just do the rant!!!

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