Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chicago off to a Banging start for 2013!

Looks like Rhambo's city with big shoulders will strive to break last years record of murders. Just yesterday, there were five fatal shootings. But numbers are so cold, lets pick out just one and look at it....

'Ronnie' was just 34 years old, a Chicago lad, club member (Disciples), and Mommas baby boy and only child. What a loss for her and for Chicago.  With only 29 arrests and four convictions, he was just getting to the top. I wonder what Chicago judges award for four felony drug convictions if he was out on the street? Gold stars on their rap sheets?

After all, he and his sidekick pharmacist's assistant were just sitting in their car/drug store on a Chicago street corner.

The reason he was an only child was that his three elder siblings all gave their lives in Chicago gang/drug gun battles back in the late 90's. Momma probably sees herself as a 4 star mother..  wait, I take that smart remark back because it's an insult to all of the American Moms who have lost their sons and husbands in defense of the nation.

 Now here's a question, if Obamanation, a Chicago hustler community organizer, an liberal party hacks, Biden, Feinsten, Durban (Chicago's Senator) and all, are so concerned about gun control, why are they having meetings in Virginia, DC, and Connecticut.  Why aren't they walking the streets of the revived and once again champion - Murder City, USA?

Anyone want to bet that not one of those five shootings in Chicago yesterday involved a rifle of any kind. Much less, one with designed for clipping on a dreaded bayonet?

Maybe Rhambo, who has been trying to get back into the headlines by writing threatening letters to bankers that legitimately grant lines of credit to gun manufacturers ought to spend more time with his police commissioner and try to solve Chicago's problems. 

Here's a link to the whole Chicago story of Saturday.

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