Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ben Stein removes tongue from cheek - nails Gore to his Green Cross!

Every now and then, Partners, I run across a column that I would like to cut and paste in here in it's entirety so that nothing gets lost.  But even the Internet has rules and frown on that -- it's not plagiarism if you give credit - but it's considered bad manners....

That being the case, I am just going to link you to Ben Stein's column of six am this morning in American Spectator... so you can read it un-dissembled. 

Needless to say, Al Gorebot has never been one of my favorite politicians - or ex-politicians -- to me, he represents much of what is wrong with our system.. and, like my Daddy used to say, would rather walk a mile and tell a lie than stand still and tell the truth. That being said, here is the link!

Al Jazeera Gore, by Ben Stein

(btw - don't blame Ben Stein for the picture of Gore - I lifted that elsewhere on the net)

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