Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One of the few times a 'Do-Nothing' congress can cost you.....

I love gridlock in Washington!  I think it is one of the smartest things our founding fathers built into the system.  With shared powers, neither party gets to steam roll legislation though the corridors of Congress or down Pennsylvania Avenue!

Having said that --  we are apparently approaching one of those few occasions where gridlock is not such a good thing. I am speaking of course -- about the coming so called, "fiscal cliff".  I didn't capitalize the title because current press hyperbole has already capitalized it. 

Bottom line, if Obamanation and his Senate puppets block any action by Congress - the results will effect us all - in one way or another. 

Even the usually worthless Washington Post has been able to put it in perspective for us all to understand in this click and pick article......

Seems to your simple host here, that an quick agreement by all concerned to sign on to Simpson-Bowles recommendations would be a whole lot better than putting their hands over their ears and shouting lalalalalalalalalalalal!

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