Thursday, November 29, 2012

Some random thoughts for 'Hump' day.....

Wimpy Obama?
- I see that Obamanation proposes to solve the national deficit (debt) crisis by raising taxes on the rich today and perhaps talking about cutting gob'mint spending next year. 

Am I the only guy in the room that remembers when Wimpy used to plead with Popeye, "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!"

But alas, Tuesday never comes....

- I am reminded of that old expression, "Take care of the small stuff and the big stuff will take care of itself!" I reckon that applies to our Federal Gobmint as well.

A report was just released which points out that Washington DC high schools have the worst drop out rate in the NATION!  A little less than six out of ten high school freshmen complete high school in this District that is owned and operated by the Federal Gob'mint. 

But not in D.C.!
I ain't gonna mention that the homes state of that illustrious Senate Majority Leader, Dingy Harry Reid, Nevada - is the second worst in the Nation. Click here for the report.  I have to admit, I am plumb proud that a my home state of Texas - with all of it's immigration problems - legal and illegal - and language problems - is rated in the Top Ten!

Back to my point - if the Federal Gob'mint can't even manage it's own little district with success, how can we possibly think they are able to manage this entire country with any degree of success..   Print money and spend it --- that's it. That's all! Keep them sheeple pushing that 'Dem' button at the voting booths ...   don't look behind the curtain.

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