Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PETA to the rescue.....

Once again PETA has come to the rescue of the poor mistreated animals of the world.  

Apparently every New Years Eve, while millions celebrate in Times Square by dropping a ball, and billions celebrate the event around the world in their own way, in the little town of Brasstown, North Carolina,  the possum capital of the world, they have a 'Opossum Drop'

No, they don't literally drop a possum on it's head.  They put a possum in a little plastic cage, lower the cage twenty feet - and then set the possum free. 

PETA sued on behalf of the possum.......  and North Carolina Senior Administrative Law Judge Fred Morrison Jr., ordered: "Hunters must afford wild animals the same right Patrick Henry yearned for, 'Give me liberty, or give me death!’” 

Between tasting the bear stew, and the musket shoots, I wonder if some North Carolinians are thinking about having a 'Law Judge Drop' or a 'PETA Lawyer cook-off'?

By the way, it would be legal to shoot and kill the possum, but illegal to cage it, lower it and set it free...... Click here...

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Anonymous said...

Cud we see this event take place at 1600 Pa Ave??