Monday, November 19, 2012

Just cogitatin' about the state of the USA.......

.... thinking about events, elections, the 47%, the 1% ....  etc.

As I understand it, the current Gross Domestic Income is about $9.8 trillion buckaroos.

The Federal Gobmint has a budget of about $3 Trillion (and growing automatically) bucks.

Wonder what would happen in this country if these figures were banged together -- and the tax code was thrown out ---   and every citizen, from Welfare Annie to Bill Gates, were assessed their flat pro-rata share of that federal expense based on whatever income they have ....   looks to be about 30% to me. 

No deficits allowed, no borrowing from the Chinese. Pay as you go....

So whether you is a billionaire, or getting $1, 000 per month on welfare, social security, or unemployment - you would be assessed 30% of your income to pay for your share of the gov'mints operating expenses......   no exceptions, no deductibles... no arguments!!

I wonder how long it would take for the good citizens of this country to turn our gob'mint growth around and start some serious shrinkage....

and I ain't even talking about the cost of schools, city, county and state gob'mints..... hmmmm

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