Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I reckon I'm the last guy on the planet.....

.... to discover that 'MEH' is a word .... and further, I'm the last one to learn what it means.

For this past month, it seemed like every Internet page I pulled up had a picture of a tall gal in a slouched posture .... wearing only underpants and a tee shirt that read 'MEH' ... I was clueless ...... but then, I really didn't care -- you could even call me indifferent. 

Heck, I've just recently learned the meaning of 'meme' and almost wished I still went to cocktail parties so I could drop it into my conversation....   Now I really have to accept an invite so I can drop both MEH and MEME on them in one evening.  

How's that for the grand heights of ................. Kewl?

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