Thursday, November 8, 2012

Forgive me God, I didn't really mean it..... I woke up this morning in the bright sun of a cool November morning in Texas,  looking forward to a moderate 80° day - I opened my PC newspapers and see that the Nor'easter hit Staten Island last night.   

Six inches of snow, barely above freezing, all that misery piled on top of the misery and havoc created by Sandy.  I had been reading quotes from MSNBC's Chris Matthews, 'I'm glad that that storm, Sandy, hit!', he opined as he grinned at Obamanation's reelection. 

I had been reading all of the day after headlines pointing out that his 'magnificent' performance during Sandy had put him over the hump on election day. I recall he showed up once on his way to a rally ......  magnificent!

Then I read this morning, that thousands are still with out heat, electricity, gasoline, food, water, or the presence of the POTUS!!   FEMA offices are locked up - "Closed because of Weather" the signs say. 

I smiled smugly -- and then I remembered some experiences my family and I suffered in strange lands during my years in the military .. and rethought.    I wouldn't wish that on anybody -- not even Obama voters.    I'm sorry for even thinking those thoughts.....

I truly hope things will turn around for those folks .... and soon! 

But I'll admit that I hope they remember these few days with clarity and sharpness, just as I remember our troubled times in similar incompetant environments!

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