Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A few last words on yesterday's election......

I was going to move on just like yesterday's American disaster didn't happen ... but I can't. So a few parting words ... on the topic:

Good news: Paul Ryan got to keep his House seat and so we won't lose his talents despite his Veep loss....

Good news: The GOP kept control of the House, so Obamanation won't be able to run completely amok... unless he tears up the rest of the Constitution. 

Bad news: Mia Love, the rising star of Utah lost her congressional bid to a liberal party hack.

Bad news: Scott Brown, a GOP Senator in the Blue state of Massachusetts lost the good fight to Faux Professor and Faux Indian but purely liberal Lizzie Warren...  it's a shame, he tried to be the best Senator that very blue state ever had....

There are more examples of Good and Bad news across the country but I'll let you sort it out.... 

I hope the GOP will look at the races of Johnny Mac in 2008 and Mitt Romney yesterday and the dim bulb will light up.... they can't win with moderates!!  Heck, Romney got several million votes LESS than Johnny Mac -- even if the race was closer. 

And now for a few words to the young members of Generation X and you Millennials in Generation Y:

My father's generation bequeathed the greatest nation on the planet to my generation. Not by accident, I might add... but by suffering the slings and arrows of depressions, world wars, and threats of nuclear annihilation ....  My generation tried to pass it on - but I reckon we came up short. 

Your generation has apparently decided that you are happy with your nation living on an overdrawn credit card...  as long as you get yours.  I am reminded in this circumstance by the cursory words of Prime Minister Sir Harold Macmillan of England...... when the USA refused to support them in their efforts to retain control of the Suez Canal in 1956 ..... in a telegram to President Eisenhower, Macmillan  simply said: "Over to you." Look at direction of the Middle East over the last fifty years and think of his telegram.

And now after yesterday's election, I reckon it's time for our generation to look y'all square in the eye and say:

"Over to you!"

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